About Us

Founded in 2016, the International and Alumni Relations of RGUKT Nuzvid were organized "to promote the interests of the College and the friendly intercourse of its graduates. Building a good corpus for many of the above activities has become urgent. This needs a good network of Alumni through formation of Alumni Chapters where ever good concentrations of our alumni are present.

Throughout this Web site, you will find examples of ways for RGUKTN alumni to engage with RGUKTN and with each other. We invite you to explore the many opportunities available, from events on campus or across the globe, to educational programming, to ways to volunteer, connect online or network together.

RGUKTN needs intense engagement of Alumni intellectually, financially and commitment of time for its welfare.

Most of all, we hope that you will stay involved and stay in touch with "the best old place of all."

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the University.
  • To enable the alumni to participate in activities which would contribute to the general development of the Institute.
  • To keep the alumni abreast of scientific and technological developments of national importance.
  • To help the alumni with their technical problems.
  • To Institute prizes and scholarships, and render financial aid to deserving students of the Institute.
  • To contribute towards the welfare of the alumni.
  • To further such other aims as the General Body may decide from time to time.


The Mission of the RGUKT Nuzvid IAR shall be:
  • To provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the Institute;
  • To help alumni achieve their professional and societal goals;
  • To help alumni in their hour of need;
  • To facilitate the association of alumni with their Alma Mater;
  • To contribute to the Institute’s vision of being recognized among the world’s leading institutions in academics, research, outreach, and innovation
  • To function on charitable basis, and to run the Association on ‘no profit no loss’ basis;
  • To promote best practices in different areas of science, technology,
  • humanities and social sciences for the benefit of the society, especially weaker sections;
  • To create awareness about the Institute and its alumni in the public; and
  • To assist deserving students from the sections of the society financially and otherwise.


  • Membership: To enthuse each and every graduating student and faculty to register their Alumni Membership.
  • Capacity Building: To draw out a pool of outstanding Alumni in various areas viz. Academics, R&D, Industry pertaining to various disciplines, science, technology and management. This can be done by requesting Alumni members to enlist their interest, expertise through a Web Page dedicated in the RGUKTN-AIR Website.
  • Catalytic agent: Identify help University through Chapters created at various Centres globally that could help RGUKT Students to embark on a highly successful career (of their choice) by providing the right inputs and drawing out mentoring and professional training programmes.
  • Excellence recognition: Institute awards / rewards periodically to promote excellence in Science, Technology, Management based on society needs.
  • Synergistic approach: Engage with Faculty, Department and Divisional Heads on a regular basis and focus on activities that could benefit all the stake holders.
  • Networking: To periodically network with all stake holders pro-actively maximising benefits to students with primary emphasis on student centric activities viz. projects, placements, internship, consultancy, research, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Comradeship & Belongingness: To provide a social / cultural platform through effective networking and spread comradeship amongst the Alma Mater.
  • Transparency: To evolve a system that would bring in transparency in all matters pertaining to finance, accounts and administration.