Relevance of Alumni Chapters in meeting the goals of RGUKT IAR

RGUKT Nuzvid IAR has to be networking through its Alumni spread across various regions for all round development and achievement of the objectives set forth from time to time.

Needless to emphasise that the formation of RGUKT IAR Chapters at various Centres would be vital. In this context, RGUKT IAR wishes to identify key personnel in various centres viz Hyderabad , Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta etc. who could take the initiative to form their own Regional Chapters. To begin with each Chapter will need to have a minimum of 25 members to run the affairs of the Chapter.

The Chapters will be independent to plan their activities to achieve the vision, mission and objectives RGUKT IAR globally.

Chapter Objectives

  1. To identify RGUKT Nuzvid alumni.
  2. To identify RGUKT Nuzvid Members.
  3. To make a Data Bank of non-members and go on a drive for their registration.
  4. Create a data base of Alumni giving contact details; areas of expertise; identifying help areas and organisations.
  5. Engage in networking, social, cultural and sports activities, seminars, talks, conferences etc.


  1. Work towards ensuring that 100% of RGUKT Nuzvid Alumni become members of the Association.
  2. Enlist their support for addressing the requirements of RGUKT Nuzvid and Alumni members for mutual cooperation. This can be done by submitting their brief CVs indicating areas of expertise, and how they would like to engage with RGUKT Nuzvid IAR.


  1. Apart from routine benefits such as access to RGUKT Nuzvid library, invitations for various network activities of the Association you can be part of several new initiatives RGUKT is taking to make a definitive impact on the society near and far.
  2. Meet with your friends from your class and otherwise and get access to their networks that may be useful for your business or professional career.
  3. Receive regular updates through the IAR link.

Alumni Services

Update Your Information

On Campus Services

While on campus, take advantage of services available to you, including: • Library • Visiting campus • wiFi on campus • Online Services

Creation of a New Corpus Student Development Fund

RGUKT Nuzvid IAR has embarked on a mission to do its bit for the student community. Some of the activities it proposes to engage in are :

  • Partial financial help to be provided to students who are attending Global Conferences.
  • Providing training and mentorship by hiring the services of experts in Organisations with a specially designed curriculum; to improve students skills in taking up highly rewarding professions.
  • Prepare the students to become highly successful entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct activities and help them engage with RGUKT alumni who are entrepreneurs themselves, ensuring mentorship opportunities.

Our present source of income is only through membership. This apart a few of the alumni do support us through sponsorship when requested. The present committee is devoted to bring in a continuous flow of income through your generous contributions by putting a system in place. This committee would deliberate on a policy that would detail allocations for various activities from time to time on a percentage basis. The way ahead is to help students with a commitment from the recipient to return the amount within a matter of 3-5 years or even earlier (after receipt of payment) by which time they are in a comfortable position on to repay.